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Preclinical Research Specialty Assays and Services

Biomarker Testing

Helica Biosystems, Inc. offers testing services on hundreds of biomarkers useful in most clinical research areas such as cytokines/chemokines, angiogenesis, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, etc. Our service is differentiated by our ability to offer value to our customers based on cost-effective pricing without compromising high quality.

Being experts in ELISA kit manufacturing as well as analytical services, we are uniquely positioned to provide assay services that yield results with the best quality parameters in the industry. Researchers frequently opt to outsource assay analytical services in order to save labor costs and/or obtain faster service from a provider to stay within budget of limited research grant funds and submit results before deadline. In addition, limited amounts of samples, e.g. pediatric specimens or rodent samples, may necessitate frugality in use. Accordingly, we also offer premium analytical services using ultra-sensitive techniques specially developed in our laboratories. Because of these or other factors that are critical to the investigator, our expertise has proven to be useful and our partnership indispensible.

Many researchers also outsource in vivo services performed on laboratory animals as well as subsequent analytical assays on such samples. Helica Biosystems has performed the analytical portion of such outsourced work by collaborating with commercial laboratory animal facilities that perform in vivo experiments on behalf of academic/pharmaceutical researchers.

In addition, Helica Biosystems offers sample storage services at any controlled temperature requirements. This service is useful for researchers who occasionally decide to have additional analytes assayed in the future and in the same location without risking sample integrity during repeated transit.

Below is a list of biomarker categories. Please identify your area of research and submit the list of biomarkers of interest. We will then assist you in preparing a panel of customized assays.

Please review our list of biomarkers.

Why sign up for Helica Biosystems' Preclinical Research Specialty Assays and Services?

Scientific staff average over 30 years academic and industry ..experience in immunoassay test development and validation and ..over 20 years in clinical reference laboratory work.

Helica Biosystems, Inc. has over 10 years of experience in product ..manufacturing and creating satisfied customers.

cGMP laboratory culture, well established Quality Systems and ..ongoing training of technical staff.

Cost effective pricing and excellent turn-around time even for ..test panels consisting of 1,000's of specimens.

We leverage our immunoassay manufacturing business for ...volume pricing.

You can also suggest and or provide other manufacturers' kits.

Flexibility to add new assays to our regular menu.

Strategic alliances for custom immunoassays.

We can collaborate with your existing CRO laboratory to
..sub-contract assays they don't routinely perform.

Please contact us with any of your requests and let's discuss your ..needs.



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